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Jerry Bowman,
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The Poverty Lab at Partners in Action – Helping the Poor to Take Big Steps Out of Poverty

Food security is one of the key factors in whether a poverty stricken people can escape the poverty cycle. That’s why agriculture, farming, fisheries and poultry are key component of Partner’s in Action’s approach in Zambia.

Through The Poverty Lab, we are establishing solid farming and agriculture practices. Diversifying crops as a hedge against drought and starvation, equipping and training farmers to supply the needs of their communities. Building enterprises that the farmers own, giving them the foothold they need to come out of poverty for good.

We need your help: Small-scale family farmers are struggling to survive until the next harvest in the Spring. Your gift of $1000 will provide seed, chickens, training, and supplies to equip the farmer to harvest a crop and take his yield to market. He will have enough profit to launch his farming business and earn money for years to come for his whole family. Your help is urgently needed as planting season in Zambia is coming soon.


This is the planting season – Your investment today will ensure up to 100 farmers of Zambia can feed their families and communities this year.
Timing is critical – we must plant before December is over. Please help.

Help us lift the farmers of Zambia out of poverty for good

The Poverty Lab

Investor Case Study

The Nigerian Farming Initiative provides a
robust agricultural engine for Nigerian people in one
key region, taking advantage of the enterprising
culture of its people, natural resource, and gifted
land and buildings for expansion.

Case Studies

Bulembu, Swaziland Poverty Lab

Caring for Orphans Creates Micro-economy

From an abandoned town in 2006 to a thriving town today, Bulembu is a testament of what creating business can do to build the economic engine of the community. As the project grew, businesses were established and cultivated to reinvigorate the town and support the needs of the 350 orphans in our care.

Namwala, Zambia Poverty Lab

Leveraging Agriculture

Partners in Action is addressing hunger in Southern Zambia through innovative agriculture programs by diversifying existing farming capabilities to provide a more stable food supply and ongoing income generation.

Kampala, Uganda Poverty Lab

A School to Benefit Orphans

Once basics like shelter and clothing were addressed, leveraging education systems and expertise to provide more opportunities for all kids in Kampala creates a life-changing community.

Sapele, Nigeria Poverty Lab

Developing Marketable Skills and Jobs for Local Men and Women in

One of our newest opportunities is starting up a shoe, belt and handbag production and distribution industry under the leadership of Pastor Godwin Eruatovwowo, a local leader and expert shoemaker.

With God’s help, innovative and
visionary investors are joining us to
build thriving economic systems
inside poverty-stricken global

Invest in The Poverty Lab